Sunday, April 26, 2009

Winter's Coming

Winter's coming and so is pig flu virus.... but thankfully it's not pandemic.... yet?

Snow has fallen around larger Melbourne. This would be our first winter in our new home. With temperatures dropping to 7 degrees and freezing water gushing out of the taps, I shiver a the thought of attempting my first dive in winter. Or should I.

Back in 2004 when we visited China and Korea, we hiked up a two peaks in Sokcho and Jeju Island and braved the cold amid cutting wind on the Great Walls of China, I was casually wearing a singlet while the locals wrapped themselves in pullovers and jackets with hoods and gloves.

Fast forward to the future, which is now, I tried to do the same, and while my ageless spirit says no worries mate, my aging Asian-made body says no way man!

Somehow, the cold is now colder than previously. And with body aches and tendonities straining at every joint.... I realize that this is it.

So should I be doing things I did previously. Why not? Should I be doing things the same. Mostly not. Should I be doing old things in a brand new way? Definitely. Should I be doing new things? Yes.

Winter's coming for sure this season. And I will be living it a whole brand new way....

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