Thursday, May 14, 2009

What Now?

Just when I was beginning to ease into life in Melbourne with my family.... I was reminded that I began this year staring at deception as never before. It's here.

Not that you can see it. But it's here.

I was up in Shepparton and around the area for about 35km radius... delivering building samples... that I got sobered up as I drove and walked the streets. Lots of thinking time. And when I got back to my nice hotel room, tired but alert, thinking...

Night cometh when no man can work.

Watch and pray my friend, for what truly matters... and ask yourself: What now?

On the way home, I stopped by the town and saw this fascinating display of cows. So I got down and snapped with my mobile. Last shot... what a reminder... what now?

What next?

You'll see soon enough...

A Mona Lisa cow?

A cow from hell?

A ferocious tiger cow?

Spider man cow? Cool...

Oooooh.... can you guess this one?

Iron cow?
And Ooooohhhh....
A smart cow!

What a gaudy looking cow?

And a carnival cow?

I like this one best. Iron cow.
But what's next?
What kind of cows can we find out there?