Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sipadan Dreams

A crocodile fish half-buried in the muck in the depths beneath the oil rig at Sipadan.

You find these horrors in other spots in the area. And as usual, I needed my tectile experience. So I stroked the monster with my fingers. Scaly and rough. Urgh.

A white-eyed eel darting out of hiding. Quite a beauty. So much beauty beneath the murky oil rig.

Herd of huge bumphead fish gliding past in the blue deep off Barrucuda Point.

Close up of a bumphead. Notice the bugs bunny teeth. Real clowns.

Patted the head of this handsome turtle resting on a ledge about 20 meters deep at Sipadan Turtle Tomb somewhere near Drop Off.

Swarm of barracudas spiraling in estatic circles. One of the must catch sights at Sipadan.

One of many whitetip reef sharks gliding gracefully from shallows of 10 meters to beyond.

Another close of up a turtle. Unlike other spots when you get excited when you spot one, you find them shuttling back and forth at Sipadan.


Jessica luring this turtle with bits of sweet potato. Got his on video. Real beauty. She was so pleased with it.

And before more pictures come up, here's one of us in clear waters.

Uploading the pictures one by one. Details later ya

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sipadan Dreams

Finally making our dream dives in Sipadan, Sabah.

Four days three nights of underworld thrills from 24-27 July, 2008.

Many pictures to follow.

This first is a 2cm Mandarin fish in

Posting some random pictures first before filling in the details:

Friday, July 4, 2008

What Manner of Fasting

Isaiah 58 describes the kind of fasting that God approves.

When we pause, and consider the gravity of the warnings, instructions, promises, and commands, we tremble realizing how far off the mark we have strayed.

Malaysia, like so many nations this season, is going through unheaval. Like never before, we will see the landscape prepared for the final onslaught. And what would the saints do?

IN the final moment, do we rise in the strength and courage we have long prepared ourselves with or do we wallow in the feebleness and faintheartedness of our fears.

GOD DOESN'T NEED US TO DO ANYTHING FOR HIM. GOD ONLY WANTS US TO WORSHIP HIM WITH ALL WE ARE. And all we are destined to be can only be wrought about as we learn to go through the fire and the flood and come out as pure gold.


May God have mercy and compassion on us, so that we understand what does matter.