Monday, October 29, 2007

Cut the Crap, Not the Tree

This morning I awoke to a burning desire to cut some crap that I saw in my life around me.

You know. It's that growing feeling of seething discontent and... must have something to do with a dream I had.

But anyways, I blended myself three glasses of tomatoes, a carrot, two bananas, and a green apple. Then with gusto, I set about pruning, sawing, hacking, until the bourgainvillae in my house was a stump standing 10 feet tall.

My sweet wifey shrieked when she saw how I mutilated the unfruitful tree.

I just smiled away that Anthony Hopkins' Red Dragon smirk, still smarting from countless scratches and stabs from the thorns of that wretched tree-plant.

Here's what a fruitful tree look like:

Now my house looks out to open skies.

That was just a symbolic act.

The year is going to end soon. And by the time it is through, I hope to have started cutting not just fruitless trees in my life, not just the crap in and around me, ... but prepare for the next phase in my life.

Oh, by the way, I also laid three mouse traps to snare the monkeys that have been marauding my castle. To no avail. The smart buggers, again, took the food, and left a trail of crumbs and skin all over.

Did I say anything about killing monkeys in my life? You bet.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Questions Questions Questions

Shall I post questions and answers on this blog itself?

NOthing like making life easier for everyone. As it is, the tyranny of the urgent has lured us into busyland once too long. Yeah, yeah. I know my last blog was like a week or more back.

And it's not just mind over matter.

The past two weeks, Hwai Tah, Jeff, Benny, Hosanna, Bernice, and me have met over the GY camp leaders training preparation on Nov 3. And boy, have we been having fun working!

It's interesting how more work can be done when you simply enjoy what you do. And those who are into running leadership and teambuilding workshops, it's simply fun.

Someone once said: If your play is also your work, then you don't have to work a single day in your life. Because you're playing all the way.

Opps. Enough digression...

One question on a Sunday morning.

You know ah, Pastor Henry preached about obeying our parents saying if they say don't go to church, don't this, don't that... then we better obey. I've been thinking about going into full time ministry and taking up studies in Bible College. What if my parents object and scold me?

Hmm. Do you see Pastor Henry standing there chatting with somebody? Yeah, right, that's him. Why don't you go right up to him and ask him that? Then come back and tell me what he said.

Moments later. This person bounces back and smiles sheepishly. He said depends laa.

That's all? And you didn't ask some more?

Kek ekek kek kek. OK are you happy with that answer?

What do you think?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mind Over Matter

The other day I was browsing in MPH and flipped through The Secret by Rhonda Byrne - the much touted miracle book that has taken the world by storm, apparently, spawning countless other books, websites, DVDs and articles in support of or against the principle of successful living - think right.

Interestingly, this idea is as old as the first thought itself. When God thought and spoke into being the world in Genesis.

Of course thinking works! The world is where it is because of thinking. More messed up than otherwise because of wrong thinking. But thankfully it has advanced in positive ways through right thinking.

What about you and me? What does it matter if you think right or wrong? It matters!

But is it as simple as mind over matter? Is it simply a matter of the mind?

For those who haven't read the book, basically it is a compilation of quotes from the author's favourite experts in the subject of thinking right. Her basic premise: Think positive thoughts and you get what you want in life. It's simply the Law of Attraction.

I'd say that is one powerful principle. Even without God, it works.

But with God, it more than works.

Just how far we want to apply this principle to milk it for all its worth. Phil 4:4-8 has lots to say on this matter.

One of the better books that put Rhonda's The Secret in perspective is Dr Henry Cloud's Secret Things of God.

Dr Henry Cloud has been one of my all time best writer. I was glad to note his prompt response to set the record straight. Because otherwise, most people would easily drift into humanism.

What's that? New age stuff but actually as old as Hinduism, and possibly older. Elevating man to the status of God.

Quote of the Day:

We're the sum total of our memories.

And memories are a product of our thoughts.

What we think becomes memories. Since we process our experiences, what people say, what we see, what we feel, what we smell... those also become memories through the filter of thought.

So be watchful how you think.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Getting Rid of Monkeys

Did I tell you the story about monkeys invading my backyard and the neighbourhood?

Hordes of them. Big and small. Fierce and timid. But all monkeys as monkeys can only be. Monkeys.

They took my shelves and boxes of tools, paint sprays, thinner, tools, glue, adapters, switches... you name it. Scattered everything. Everytime I sort back the stuff, they come again.

What amazes me is they could unscrew caps of cannisters of engine oil, glue and stuff there my daughters would have difficulty unscrewing. Pretty strong buggers.

The monkeys left their territory because the hillslopes behind my house and surrounding area is being developed into a new housing area. They ravage my row of houses because my stupid neighbour who believes animals are reincarnation of people puts out food for the monkeys, the cats, and birds.

I was going to put out rat traps to snare the monkeys but thought it a little cruel to injured them when their feet or hands get snared.

So what I just did, after cannot tahan any more with their monkeying around, was bought rat glue and snared the area with a couple of plastic containers so that when they come get their bananas, their grimy paws will be stuck to the pieces of plastics.

Sure they can escape. But not without tearing away with pieces of stuff stuck to their paws.

That should teach them a lesson.

But I wonder if it'll work. Because the buggers were watching me lay the traps from a distance.

Smart monkeys.

Are there monkeys in your life as well?

You know, there are so many kinds.

Heh heh.

IN any case, you need to think of a way to get rid of them.


Tell me if it doesn't.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mammoth March in Dataran Merdeka on Nov 10

Gabungan Menuntut Pilihan Raya Bersih dan Adil (Bersih) akan menganjurkan satu perhimpunan raksasa yang dinamakan Perhimpunan Rakyat di Dataran Merdeka pada 10 November ini.

Have you heard about this mammoth rally?

Did you know that the country has been going through a political tussle since 1987 with the Executives and Royalty trying to out-manoevre each other?

Nah. Don't think so. Most of you were babies then.

I lost my job with the Star Publications then when the government shut down a couple of newspapers for their bold coverage. Want to know a little about it?

And since then, until recently, the whole tussle is resurfacing. This is what we call the country's constitutional crisis.

Should Christians be involved in politics?

I'm sure you have loads of questions to ask.

Fire away if you're not afraid of the answers.

By the way, I may like to start another blog just for controversial questions and issues. Not everyone has a strong stomach for some of the stuff you may not imagine coming from me.


What's going to happen on Nov 10?

A coalition of political parties, non-governmental organizations and trade unions will hold a march at Dataran Merdeka (Do you know where that is?) for free and fair elections tipped to be like held next year.

The march will begin at 3pm and end at Istana Negara (Again, do you know where that is?) which is a couple of kilometres away.

Then, representatives of the coalition will hand a momorandum to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong the King, Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin.

Why is this march important? The coalition, which was formed right after the last general election because the electoral rolls were littered with phantom voters, questionable postal votes, and other forms of poll and campaign abuses that allegedly undermined a fair election, seeks a proportionate representation system.

Our current first-past-the-post Westminster system has given the ruling coalition Barisan some 90 percent of seats despite winning only some 60 percent of popular votes.

But more importantly, the march is known by all bloggers to be a symbolic cry to Malaysia's Supreme Ruler, otherwise known as Agong or the King, to intervene in the country's perceived deteriorating state of just governance.

What should Christians be praying for?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

GY Camp Leaders Training

I remember telling last year's camp group leaders in a lunch meeting in Grace PJ early this year that we will meet again for a Leaders Training before this year's GY Camp in December.

Yes, we will! And we're expecting to have a larger crowd of leaders this time.

Although all you group leaders were thrown into the deep end without any kind of preparation and most were taking up leading roles for the first time, I must say that all of you did a faaaaantastic job and were such a wonderful sport all the way to the end. Whether first or last position in the activities and games, you all never let up in your spirit and put up a brave front all the way.

This year, we want to reward the leaders ahead of time by starting the camp for all of you first.

Yes! For you all, the camp begins in November. And the camp will end one month later for you all too when we come back together for a wonderful makan and appreciation celebration in January 2008.

Want to know what activities and fun await you in the training?


See ya all.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Heart Matters

Pro 4:23 "Above all else, guard your hearts, for it is the well spring of life."

Most of us take our biological hearts for granted. We don't even think about it, until it gives us some problems.

For 14-year-old Tee Hui Yi, who have had two organ donors since Oct 4, she is told that the only way her new heart doesn't die on her is to keep taking immuno-suppresants all her life. If she misses her does, her body could start rejecting the organ. But that's a small price to pay to stay alive.

When first regaining consciousness, Hui Yi, had only one word to describe her condition. Painful.

Our hearts (no pun intended) go out to her for the pain she has had to endure to stay alive.
When she underwent surgery to receive a 15-year-old body's organ after he died, everyone had their hopes high. Imagine the pain of having your chest cut open and the trauma of a heart-replacement surgery! only to be told that your new heart is not working after they sewed you up.

Thankfully, the next day, although NOT so for the 20-year-old mechanic who died in a road accident, she received the poor fella's heart. But that meant being cut up all over again. Can you imaine the pain? No wonder Hui Yi's first words were "painful."

And going through all that? Just to stay alive.

How many of us neglect not just our biological heart, but our spiritual heart. And when it breaks down through years of neglect, or like in Hui Yi's case, one of malfunction arising from some disorder, we suddenly become aware of our heart beating. Whichever, neglect, sin, or some genetic disorder - our heart matters.

What does it matter? It sure does. When your heart stops beating. Everything else stops. Your world ends. Game over.

Thursday, October 4, 2007


Time and tide wait for no man.

Life is time. It is made up of those moments we measure in precious seconds.

Why "seconds" and not "firsts"? Because the moment we say "first", it has become the past - i.e. second.

You see... we cannot hold time still. It slips away every moment.

So, whether we do it right or wrong the first time... it's done! We don't get a second chance with time. What we imprint in the "firsts" becomes "seconds" in time. And forever imprinted. In history. In memory.

So what memories are you making? What history are you making?

I'm including a blog from THAT'S MY GIRL (Janielle Beh) that I thought was so well articulated. I'm proud of her and how she is growing up to be the kind of gal that God plans for her to be.

Here's a shot from her blog:

Footprints in My Heart

My dad once said, “Life is made up of memories.”

That includes good and bad memories. Your memories of the past will most probably make up what you are today.

It’s extremely important that we leave good memories in the life of others. In everything you do, make a good impression out of it.

When you meet someone who hasn’t met you before, how do you give an impression of yourself? If you were grumpy and in a bad mood, the person would probably remember you as “an ill-mannered and unfriendly person” for the rest of his or her life. It’s all in our memories of each other.

Each time I meet someone, I tell myself that I will leave “footprints” in the heart of this person.

What difference do you make in the lives of the people you know? Do you stand out enough to leave positive memories of yourself in their lives?

Of course, no one can keep a smiling and ever-cheerful face all the time. But still, first, and even last impressions are very vital.

Remember the recent Nurin case that we all know and grieve about? Imagine what shock the parents and all the relatives must have! The parents refused to believe it was their daughter because the truth was too haunting and sickening to behold. They obviously couldn’t recognize her because after all the pain and suffering she went through, how could she possibly look the same? How could she still have the same cheery and child-like face?

My dad was telling me that the relatives didn’t necessarily have to help identify the girl’s dead body. Imagine! That will be their final impression of the poor girl. All their lives the memory of her dead and lifeless body will be impressed upon their minds. It’s scary, you know… Of course, memories of “happier days” will still be at a corner of their minds, but the last time they actually saw her was when she was frozen and dull.

Which memory do you think would stick to them more? And it’s not as if she looked in a very peaceful state. All the innocence would have been drained out of her face. No more sweetness, no more smiles.

Memories are what we keep with us for the rest of our lives. Some memories will fade away, but most will stay. And I’m not talking about what memories you have of other people, you know.

I’m talking about what memories YOU impress in the lives of others. Ultimately, only YOU can determine what memories you want to leave in the hearts of your friends, your loved ones, and all those around you. And do make sure they’re worth remembering.

"I want to leave footprints in your heart. But are you gonna’ leave some in mine?" ;) -

For many people, time continues to slip away. The seconds while away as memories are imprinted randomly. BUT WHAT DOES IT MATTER to you?