Tuesday, March 24, 2009

War Criminals on the Loose

Hamas militants must be sniggering at latest news reports of Israel coming under fire for deliberately targetting civilian infrastructure in Lebanon.

It was reported that human rights group Amnesty International has called for a UN investigation on Israel's indiscriminate attacks on homes, bridges, roads and water and fuel plants.

Apparently, if Israel intelligence cannot accurately direct their highly sophisticated firepower to pick off militants holed up in the suburbs of normal peace-loving civilians, then every Israeli attack becomes a war crime.

What is puzzling is Amnesty International doesn't find it criminal that the militants were using civilian suburbs as a safe base to launch attacks into Israel territory.

Common logic dictates that if gunman holds a family in a car hostage (whether the family in the first place consented to being held hostage or not) and drives around shooting pedestrians on the streets, the police will have to take out the gunman as quickly as possible, even if it means potentially harming that family.

Some people may argue that the safety of that abducted family is paramount. But while the debate goes on, more pedestrians are being mowed to the ground by sporadic gunfire. By which time, if the police fail to act swiftly, more people would have died on the streets than the family of three or four in that car.

What is interesting is, the police is seen as the criminal, but the gunman who holds that family hostage doesn't become the issue at all.

Perhaps my simplistic perspective of this state of affair does not adequately explain the international scenario that spills over every day for the past decades. But then again, what's the point?

Should Amnesty International call to attention Hamas militants and their associates' war crimes or is is perfectly acceptable that these freedom fighters continue to hide behind the skirts of every daughter, mother, and grandmother in Lebanon, as they fire away in relative safety?

In any case, perhaps that the ploy of the militants. To draw the ire of the international world everytime civilians die. At the expense of Israel.

Do I sound like a zionist?


Zlwin Chew said...

Wa... Chim chim... Hmm...

Jan said...

media rules.

As one quote said (forgot who said it), "tell a lie long enough and it will become truth."

That's the kind of wicked world we live in.

One day when the true King will return and put an end to all this!

For now we fight against lies. Even in Malaysia, the fight goes on, and on...